What is the cost of starting a Campaign?

There is no cost to start a campaign. Service and transaction fees are deducted from final collection and funds are released to your bank account upon the end of a campaign.

What is a Mini-Campaign?

Mini-campaigns are designed for individual fundraising. For example, a single athlete needs to raise funds for the upcoming team season. KWIK Fund will allow them to start the Mini-Campaign and raise funds for their season registration costs, equipment, uniforms or coaching lessons, travel cost, etc….

Are online payments safe?

Just how safe is the online payment system? We use PayPal and their encrypted connection keeps your online transaction heavily guarded from start to finish. More than 153 million people worldwide use it for online purchases and sales.

Do I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes. All online transactions will receive a receipt to the email address provided during the checkout process.

Can I raise funds for my travel expenses to a college showcase?

Yes. All aspects of your organization that involve costs can use KWIK Fund to raise the required amount.

My softball league has scholarships but runs out of funds quickly. Can I use KWIK Fund to raise funds for my registration, uniform and equipment costs?

Yes, absolutely! This is exactly how you want to raise your funds. Add in all your season expenses and submit the amount required to complete your season.