Our Approach

KWIK Fund has launched a much-awaited fundraising platform, that is true "Fundraising Made Easy!".

Your organization is now able to launch a simple, productive campaign without having coaches, organizers, leaders, or appointed members invest time selling, or hosting events that impose on busy schedules.

Access to this tool was created to help individual athletes, organizations, leagues, schools and other non-profits run amazing online fundraising campaigns.


Every business has a beginning, so does KWIK Fund.

KWIK Fund's sister company; an organization specializing in custom sports apparel for young athletes, found many organizations short on funds when it came to purchasing their uniforms and practice gear. Many times asked if we could provide payment terms until their traditional fundraising effort was completed.

As coaches ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to run traditional fundraisers when you need more than uniforms and practice apparel. Things like equipment, practice gear, and travel expenses to support college recruiting events and national competition.

This challenge helped us understand the requirement for a product like KWIK Fund. The objective to fund any effort is simplified and expedited by implementing the KWIK Fund tool. Regardless, of whether you are funding uniforms, equipment, participation and travel to college showcases, qualifiers to participate in a national event, KWIK Fund can help.


Everything you need to start accepting donations today with PayPal, PayPal Credit, credit cards, and debit cards is now offered with KWIK Fund.

Start your campaign today!